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      HS-903 Non-oxidizing Biocide

      Product name HS-903 Non-oxidizing Biocide
      Product description The main component of this product is double quaternary ammonium salt fungicide. It has low toxicity, no accumulation toxicity, and is easily soluble in water. It is not affected by water hardness. It is a non-oxidizing fungicide with broad-spectrum and high-efficiency sterilization and algae killing. Ability, and has good slime stripping effect and certain dispersion and infiltration operations, and has certain degreasing, deodorizing ability and corrosion inhibition effect.
      Use It is widely used for industrial recirculating cooling water system; also as softener, anti-static agent, emulsifying agent for textile industry.
      Usage method This product is used as a non-oxidizing bactericidal algaecide. Generally, the dosage is 50-100mg/L. It is used as a slime stripping agent. The dosage is 200-300mg/L. If necessary, an appropriate amount of silicone antifoaming agent can be added.
      Packing & Storage In plastic drum, 25kg or 50kg/drum, stored in cool and draughty place, shelf life is 2 yrs.


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