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      HS-909 Organic Bromine Biocides

      Product Name HS-909 Organic Bromine Biocides
      Product description HS-909 is an efficient and broad-spectrum non-oxidizing biocide with fast and long-lasting sterilization. It is widely used in industrial water treatment, as well as anti-corrosion and anti-mildew of metal processing lubricants, pulp, plywood and coatings.
      Features Low use level, fast acting;
      Non-corrsive to carbon-steel and stainless steel.
      Low toxicity, good biodegradability; environmentally friendly.
      Usage method HS-909 is used in circulating water system, and can be directly added, the dosage is 50-80mg/L; the amount added in pulping and waste paper is 0.1-1kg/ton, which can be adjusted according to the circulation amount of the actual pulp.
      Packing & Storage In 25kg or 200kg plastic drum, avoid light; stored in draughty place. Shelf life 10 months


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